While Canberra Rowing Club is only 50 years old and much younger than rowing clubs in Australia’s other capital cities a number of our athletes have represented Australia at the highest level, including eighteen at the Olympic level.

We also have a number of life members who have been recognised for their stellar contribution to our club over many years.

Life Members

1972Bill O’Brien
1980Pat Davoren
1986Ron Hibberson
1988John McKenna
1995Leon Bower
2003Alison Chinn
2003Susan Donoghoe
2009John Simson
2011Brendon Prout
2011Randal Lawrence
2012Edwin Bien
2012Mark Kwiatkowski

Our World Championships Representatives

1987J GallowayM4+
1987B HickLW M8+
1988D ColesDoctor
1988S DonoghoeLW W4-
1988B HickLW M4-
1988R PokeTeam Manager
1989S NinhamLW 4-
1990D ColesDoctor
1990B HickLW 4x
1991D ColesDoctor
1991B HickLW 4x
1991C JonesM4x
1991M StillW8+ and W4-
1991P ThompsonCoach
1992D ColesDoctor
1992B HickLW M2x
1992L MollerLW 4-
1993N HardingCoach
1993B HickLW W2x
1993A FergusonLW W1x
1993F SpriggsW4-
1993M StillW4-
1993P ThompsonCoach
1994D ColesDoctor
1994A FergusonLW W1x
1994N HardingCoach
1994B HickLW M4-
1994C JonesM4x
1994N McDonald-CrowleyM2x
1994M StillW4- and 8+
1994P ThompsonCoach
1995D ColesDoctor
1995A FergusonW4x
1995A HolbeckW4-
1995M StillW2-
1995P ThompsonCoach
1996N HardingCoach
1996A FergusonW1x
1997C JonesM4x
1997N McDonald-CrowleyM2+
1997S McRaeM2-
1997P ThompsonW2-
1998B HickLW M2x
1998A HolbeckW8+
1998P ThompsonCoach
1999B HickLW M2x
1999K KnowlerW4x
1999S McRaeM2x
1999P ThompsonCoach
2001C JonesM4x
2002C JonesM2x
2002M PunchM1x
2003C JonesM4x
2003M PunchM4x
2004S MillsW4-
2005C JonesM4x
2005S MillsW8+
2006S CookW8+
2006C JonesM2x
2006S MillsW4x
2007S CookW8+
2007S MillsW4x
2013A MooreM8+
2014A MooreM8+

Our Junior World Championships Representatives

1986R BettleCoach
1987P LaniganCoach
1988D ColesDoctor
1988R PokeManager
1989E RandellCoach
1990D ColesDoctor
1990A RundleW8+
1990F MooreW8+
1990M StillW8+
1990C BatemanW8+
1990S BrownW8+
1990E RandellW8+
1990J McFadyenW8+
1991D ColesW8+
1991E RandellCoach
1991F MooreW4-
1992D ColesDoctor
1993D ColesDoctor
1993P LaniganCoach
1993C BrittenM2-
1994S McRaeM2-
1998S DonoghueCoach
1999M PunchM4x
2000M PunchM1x
2007R SandersCoach
2007N BarnierM4x
2007Z CleaverM4x
2008N BarnierM2x
2009A FowlerW4x
2009A MooreM4+
2010A MooreM4+